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In addition to our systems offer, we can provide various components, parts and materials from international suppliers. Oue offer includes: 

Wafers: a wide range of different substrates, including silicon wafers (with and without epitaxy), ceramics wafers, wafers of ferroelectric materials, III-V and II-VI, of different shapes and dimensions

Evaporation targets and materials: including metal and metal alloy targets, ceramics targets, and evaporation materials (metals, oxides, boats). 


Ceramics components: including arms, bars, tubes, rods and a wide offer of specific parts and components. It is also possible to supply customized parts upon customer’s request. 

Quartz components: including tubes and many other components among which carriers, pedestals, windows and reactors.  It is also possible to supply customized parts upon customer’s request. 

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Vacuum valves: including valves for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum, both new (single and dual throttle, slit valves) and fully refurbished from VAT, SMC, MKS and others. We can also offer valve components, including O-rings, pistons, rubbers, gates and plates. 

Infrared lamps: both standard models and customized ones upon customer’s request, with the possibility to define shape, output and wavelength.  

For further information about our complete parts and components offer, you can directly contact us at the “Contacts” section of this website.