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Since 1998 Vacuum World activated as a distributor (Agent) of “VAT” in Korea. Just a few years later Vacuum World terminated the contract with VAT and established a repair center for vacuum valves and controllers. They have been working in the field of developing vacuum valves, vacuum valve components, mechanical seals and O-Rings for semiconductor equipment and vacuum applications.

The company is established in Korea and is a qualified supplier for some of the major semiconductor players. Vacuum World has been given international quality certifications including ISO 9001.

The Vacuum World activities include but are not limited to:

Valve development:

All valves are developed with a focus on space and cost saving, as well as easy maintenance. Different open sizes are possible, the offer includes:

  • Slit valves
  • Single and Dual Throttle valves

Pendulum valves and controllers are currently under development


Valve and controller repair:

Vacuum World offer repair services for VAT, MKS, SMC and V-Tex products. All repair phases are performed under strict quality control, and a status report is sent to customers before and after repair. Fast repair turnaround and competitive repair costs are also guaranteed.

The main benefit of refurbishment is the expansion of the valves’ and controllers’ lifetime.


Valve components (this is part of the wide Vacuum World offer):

  • Step motors
  • Rubbers, O-rings and pistons
  • Gates and Plates
  • Metal seals and gaskets
  • Parts for VAT valves

Second hand valves and controllers:

Vacuum World own a large stock of used VAT, MKS, SMC and V-Tex valves. Second hand valves are sold “as is” or fully refurbished, at competitive prices.