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(Solutions on Silicon) is a Dutch company specialized in second hand equipment. The SoS’ main focus is on furnaces, Ion Implantation and Epitaxy, but they also have a strong knowledge of PVD, RTP, etch and deposition equipment.

SoS is specialized in ASM and AMAT brands but have experience as well in Lam, Varian and other OEM’s systems.

The key company activities include but are not limited to:

  • Refurbishment: from equipment upgrade to remanufacturing to the OEM specifications
  • Equipment support: maintenance, relocation, installation, CE marking
  • Process support: process design, process improvement, fab-to-fab transfer and integration
  • System upgrades: wide choice of upgrades for AMAT, ASM and Lam
  • Parts repair
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Main equipment supported by SOS:

AMAT: Centura/Endura, P5000  XR80/XR120/XR200/9500/9500XR

ASMi: Epsilon series and A400

CSD Epitaxy: EpiPro, 3000/5000 series, Gemini 1,2,3 series, Concept 2400

LAM: Rainbow 4420, 4520, 9400, 9600SE, AutoEtch, Alliance

SVG: 8600, 8800, 90-S/SE series

Varian: EHP220, EHP500