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Deam also performs direct sales activity for its customers. The main advantages that we can offer are:

  • More than 40 years of experience in sales in the specific markets
  • Excellent penetration of customers at all levels
  • Good technical skills and knowledge
  • Very good knowledge of the main Europen languages (Italian, French, English, German, Spanish)

Today Deam represents some important international companies: 

  • AMTE (🇨🇳): Applied Materials systems refurbished according to OEM specifications 
  • Annealsys (🇫🇷): RTP and CVD equipment
  • Kemstream (🇫🇷): DLI (Direct Liquid Injection) sources for CVD e ALD applications
  • Maideli (🇨🇳): targets for PVD sputtering and evaporation. Special wafers
  • RTS Semi (🇰🇷): refurbished lithography and metrology systems 
  • Ultech (🇰🇷): broad range of equipment for all R&D and industrial needs 
  • Vacuum World (🇰🇷): valves and controllers 
  • Various suppliers: “as is” and refurbished semiconductor equipment, quartz and ceramics components