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RTS Semi: refurbished systems and TC wafers

RTS is a South Korean company specialized in refurbished systems, especially for lithography and metrology, with an important focus on Nikon, Canon, KLA, TEL and Kokusai systems.
RTS not only takes care of commercializing its products, both “as is” and refurbished according to OEM specifications, but also sells spare parts and can make, upon request, modifications to the systems like wafer inch conversion and modifications for different substrate usage.
In addition to that, RTS services include:

• Training
• Equipment audit and valuation
• Service support (relocation, installation, maintenance, etc)
• Consultancy for LED PSS processes

RTS also manufactures wire TC Wafers models (wireless models are being developed).

At the links below, you can have a look more in depth at the RTS products: