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Kemstream: sources for CVD and ALD

KEMSTREAM manufactures innovative and advanced Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporizers and atomizers for CVD, MOCVD, MOVPE, ALD, spray pyrolysis and all gas phase processes and precursors.
They deliver pure, accurate, repeatable and stable vapors and aerosols flows.

Kemstream developed the Vapbox series with four different models to match different customer needs. Vapbox vaporizers are particularly adapted to the vaporization of low vapor pressure, thermally sensitive and expensive compounds and precursors.

Common Features to all Vapbox sources

  • Vaporize pure liquid compounds and solid ones dissolved in a carrier liquid (organic solvent)
  • Able to handle and vaporize most of solid and liquid compounds including low vapor pressure, thermally labile and viscous ones
  • Able to achieve a real non-contact flash vaporization therefore generating particle free vapors.
  • Operate from vacuum to atmospheric pressure. 
  • Deliver accurate and stable vapor flows.