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Horizontal furnaces 

DEAM’s offer includes horizontal furnaces from ECM Greentech, a French company and leader of the industry at a globlal level. Thanks to their great expertise, ECM can offer models for both R&D and large-scale production.  

Common features of ECM Greentech’s horizontal furnaces: 

  • Capability to run processes from vacuum to atmospheric pressure 
  • Process automation capability
  • Possibility to make numerous variations to the basic configuration of the systems, in order to satisfy all customer’s requests 
  • Indendent heating zones for increased temperature uniformity
  • User-friendly software, possibility to have SECS-GEM connection with the fab’s host computer

ECM Greentech’s furnaces can process wafers up to 8 inches, 12-inch systems are at an advanced stage of development, and can be discussed with the customer if requested. 

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The different processes that can be run by ECM’s furnaces include:

  • Annealing
  • Wet oxidation (SiO2)
  • Doping (boron and phosphorus)
  • Diffusion
  • LPCVD (oxides, nitrides, silicon, tungsten, SiC, SiPOS)

High temperature vertical furnaces

In addition to the horizontal furnaces, ECM Greentech also offer high temperature vertical furnaces, both for R&D (up to 300mm) and production (up to 200mm). The main application of these systems is the processing of SiC and GaN, particularly oxidation, post-implant annealing and graphene growth. Common features of ECM’s vertical furnaces are:

  • Compact footprint
  • High process repeatability
  • Advanced heating technology
  • Optional SECS-GEM connection

To receive further information about our complete offer related to thermal treatment processes, you can directly contact us at the “Contacts” section of this website.