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Founded in 2011, AMTE (Advanced Materials Technology & Engineering, Inc.) is a Chinese, leading provider of semiconductor equipment solutions and a pioneer in advanced technology. AMTE owns a new factory in Nantong, Jiangsu (China) where it makes refurbishment and sales of mainly AMAT and LAM systems. 

AMTE’s engineers are highly skilled and have had multiple years of experience at Applied Materials. This makes it possible not only to do a full refurbishment of AMAT and LAM tools, but also provide excellent customer support. The refurbishment process at AMTE consists of a complete dismantling and cleaning of the tool, whose worn out parts are replaced, then the system is reassembled; all processes are done according to the OEM specifications. 


The most popular models refurbished and supplied by AMTE are:

  • P5000 etch and CVD
  • Centura 5200 DPS, EMAX, SuperE, CVD
  • Endura 5500 PVD, MOCVD
  • Rainbow 4420, 4520 and 4720 series plasma etchers
  • TCP 9400 and 9600 series plasma etchers
  • Mattson Aspen II

Other models and brands are also available (for example, Gasonics A1000, A2000, L3510 and PEP3510). In addition to that, AMTE can also supply spare parts, remanufactured chillers, valves and turbo pumps. A full list of the tools and components is available upon request.